Families in Corporate Venture Capital

In a recent CEPR working paper we study the role of family in venture capital. Families are a key engine of corporate venturing activities: about one third of CVC deals in the US from 2000 to 2017 originated from family firms. Moreover, we find marked differences in the strategies and outcomes of family and non-familyContinua a leggere “Families in Corporate Venture Capital”

Why Family CEOs Outperform Their Non-Family Predecessors

A summary of our article “Back to the Future: The Effect of Returning Family Successions on Firm Performance” forthcoming in Strategic Management Journal, has recently appeared in the magazine INSEAD Knowledge. What happens when a family firm that has been led by a professional CEO subsequently moves to family leadership? We find that the appointmentContinua a leggere “Why Family CEOs Outperform Their Non-Family Predecessors”