Which firms performed better in Covid-19?

The spread of COVID-19 creates unprecedented challenges for the business sector. In a recent work (“The Role of Family Ownership during the Covid-19 Pandemic“) we find that during the Covid-19 pandemic in Italy, Family Firms fared significantly better than other firms throughout the pandemic period. The outperformance is driven by a more efficient use ofContinua a leggere “Which firms performed better in Covid-19?”

Scheduled presentations of “Families in Corporate Venture Capital”

This paper is being presented at a number of conferences including the joint IMO/ENT CEPR conference, the 18th Corporate Finance day and the Annual Conference of the Strategic Management Society (SMS). Click here for a summary.

Families in Corporate Venture Capital

In a recent CEPR working paper we study the role of family in venture capital. Families are a key engine of corporate venturing activities: about one third of CVC deals in the US from 2000 to 2017 originated from family firms. Moreover, we find marked differences in the strategies and outcomes of family and non-familyContinua a leggere “Families in Corporate Venture Capital”